Loud adhaan Vs purpose of Islaam

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Loud adhaan Vs purpose of Islaam

Postby Insaan » 20 Dec 2017, 00:42

Dear Askers,
i would like to invite your views for a healthy discussion on this subject with a pure and loving heart.

My understanding of the Holy Quran is that is the only source of legislation as per the follow verses indicating that it explains all things for those who have eyes that can see and minds that can think:
Shall I seek other than God as a law maker, when He has brought down to you this Book fully detailed? 6:114

Follow what is revealed to you from your Lord 33:2

Or do they have 'shuraka' (partners) who legislate for them religious laws which were not authorized by God? If it were not for a decisive decree, they would have been judged immediately. Indeed the transgressors shall have a painful punishment. 42:21

We did not leave anything out of the Book. 6:38

We have brought the Book down to you providing explanations for all things. 16:89

He has brought down to you this Book fully detailed. 6:114

That being the case, my understanding is that the love, peace and beauty that islam brings is contrary to that massive disturbance of the loud adhaan which is nowhere prescribed in the holy quran. I would not be surprised that many are driven away from Islam - at least initially - due to it.

The common argument that some of my muslim brothers give is that the architecture of the prophets' (s.a.w) mosque was such that it concentrated/amplified the adhaan. For me this has no logical basis since Physics dictates that sound cannot be amplified without power added -
and energy will weaken as it spreads. What could have arguably been done was to concentrate it in a particular direction; however, why select one direction over the other?

secondly, what evidence is there for the same?

Thirdly, if the adhaan is to be amplified... then what is the limit for the same? is the limit psychological or physical and how is it measured?

I personally think that muslims can hung up on so many irrevelant and destructive things and they miss not only the essence/spirit of islam, but they also contradict the Holy Quran - just like the what the jews had done (they removed the spirit of islam from the teachings of nabi musa and thus nabi issa came to bring back the spiritual side of it)

Please share your thoughts.

Thank you.
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