[Answered]Naming a newborn

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[Answered]Naming a newborn

Postby Insaan » 28 Oct 2013, 14:07


I would like to know what recommendations are to be followed wheb naming a new born.

When we ask shuyukh they usually ask for the date and time of birth before suggesting a few names. How are dates and time used to identify suitable names?
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Re: Naming a newborn

Postby Sh.SaqalainAbbas » 15 Dec 2013, 09:47

Waalikumassalam wr wb

It obligatory on father to choos a beautiful name for his chaild and recumanded with name of Allah swt like Abdullah and on name of prophets and aaima as after this whatever he can name the chaild but with good quality and beautiful meaning

Time and date have no importance in this matter chaild makes time good not time makes chaild good don't worry about this it is made by some those people who rely on very weak narrations

Give sadaqa do aqiqah teach him Quran and maners of ahl ul bait as insha Allah will be succeed in this dunya and hearafter

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