[Answered] Hijab in Non Muslim Countries

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[Answered] Hijab in Non Muslim Countries

Postby smak786110 » 23 Aug 2009, 11:19

I have heard many women say they dont do hijab in their countries because they look odd from the rest of the people.
As majority are not wearing hijab, and if she wears it. She will be an eye catching in the crowd.
Is this a valid reason, in order not to wear hijab but wear propered mannered clothes instead ?
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Re: Hijab in Non Muslim Countries

Postby Sheikh Razi » 29 Aug 2009, 21:36

No it is not sufficient , the only excuse which permits a woman to modify her HIJAAB to a lesser than obligatory part or not to wear Hijaab is that if it was going to cause HARM to the self, dignity and considerable amount of wealth, or if it was causing a very serious case of difficulty and hardship in a way it becomes unbearable in the sights of the intellectuals.

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