The 5 daily Prayers.

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The 5 daily Prayers.

Postby Abu Fauzi » 27 Sep 2015, 23:40

"Al-Mustafa (pbuh) travelled in the night and returned with 5 (prayers)
Through them we were elevated too, and the credit is for the first one (pbuh)
And he (pbuh) emphatically advised us to ascend through them (the Salats)

For through them, the slave gains all progress!!
So, for Him and by Him, stand and bow down in humility
You will witness the coolness of your eyes from the Best of Givers.

And when you stand reciting (the Qur'an) after making Wudu....
And when you make Sujd (prostrate) after the noble Ruku.......
All distances are openly removed from you (and Allah)
You have arrived to the Beloved! Make TAKBIR and honor Him."

by Sheikh Ibrahim Nyass in his Diwan,

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