With so many sporting activities that exist today, which is the ultimate sporting activity and why? Not forgetting health, which is also a closely related issue that should be amongst our top priorities.

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:arrow: The proficient athlete possesses natural sporting abilities and very good physical coordination, but in addition to these physical assets he/she must be in superb physical condition. The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines fitness as: "The ability to perform your normal daily tasks with vigour and alertness and without undue fatigue, with enough energy left in reserve to cope with any emergencies that may arise or to follow the leisure pursuits of your choice", which is the most important of the benefits of physical fitness. That is being in superb physical condition. That is what we are urging you to attain.
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:arrow: Physical exercise reduces the intensity of many illnesses or the risk of developing them, thus, allowing you to achieve what the WHO defines as fitness. :idea:

:arrow: Of the benefits of physical fitness good health is an universal goal. We will guide you to achieve that goal. Look at the essential benefits of physical fitness listed below and take the road to achieve them! Set gaining all the benefits of physical fitness as your great health achievement. A complete exercise program must contain the following two types of training to be successful in helping you attain the benefits of physical fitness.
(1) Weight/strength training and (2) Aerobic/Cardiovascular exercise

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Postby creative » 15 Feb 2005, 15:40

We have a games period in my school and we do sports during that period.
i think that this is very good as others who aren't very physically able and dont like doing exercise will get a time to do exercise and they will benefit from this.
Also in London in Stanmore they have sport such as badminton, table tennis, volleyball and football at different times on saturday and swimming on sunday.
In Mefhil -e- Ali there is sports for both men and women on saturday at night.
On week the men do football/badminton and the women do swimming.
there are also 2 gyms so both men and women can use those facilities.
The next week they swap round
i.e. men do swimming and women do badminton and some play football as many people from mefhil-e-ali are going to participate in the Muslim Olympics in tehran for football,m badminton and other sports

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