An Introduction to the Islamic Shari‘ah

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An Introduction to the Islamic Shari‘ah

Postby shia-maktab » 25 Sep 2016, 19:58


In this text, Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi has outlined the fundamentals of Shari'ah and how to live by the teachings and laws of Islam. The first two chapters of the book explains the concept of the Sharí‘ah. Chapter III deals with taqlíd, the most common way of following the shariah. And Chapter IV tackles the tendency of rationalizing the Sharí‘ah laws. Finally. Chapter V takes the reader into the world of Shí‘ah jurists (mujtahids) and the system which they use for deriving shari'ah laws from the sources of Islam.

Name of Book : An Introduction to the Islamic Shari‘ah
Author : Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi
Publisher : Ansariyan Publications
ISBN : 9644381297

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