God's Emissaries - Adam to Jesus

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God's Emissaries - Adam to Jesus

Postby shia-maktab » 09 Aug 2016, 21:29


The book before you is the first of its kind. It has elevated the genre of Prophetic stories to new heights. Rather than simply collecting and translating scripture and traditions, God’s Emissaries: Adam to Jesus presents a comprehensive, theologically sound, captivating, and believable set of stories. It portrays God’s prophets as the heroes they were, possessed of the most stellar of human traits, exemplary in every aspect of their being.

God’s Emissaries weaves together every Qur’anic verse and every plausible tradition that has come down to us from Prophet Muhammad and his family into an epic story of God’s tireless efforts to guide humankind.

Name of Book : God's Emissaries - Adam to Jesus
Author : Shaykh Rizwan Arastu
Publisher : Imam Mahdi Association of Marjaeya


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