[FAQ]How to resize images that dont fit on Ask

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[FAQ]How to resize images that dont fit on Ask

Postby abuali » 19 Dec 2010, 21:08


Due to the limitations of the layout of Ask, pictures or images posted which have a width of more than 600 pixels may not display completely on the forum. This is because the content part of the forum has a fixed width of about 650 pixels.

This presents a problem when trying to post a large width image such as the one below:

Notice how the picture is cropped due to its large width

To solve this, we have provided a tool called 'rimg' which appears as a button above the text area when you are posting.

This can be used in the following manner to resize images so that the width is a maximum of 600 pixels:

Code: Select all


This will resize the image above to appear with a width of 600 pixels and a height of 409 pixels. This is how it will look:

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