Ask4Help : Counseling for our community

Does a family member/friend require counseling? Which method would he/she prefer?

Yes, via phone
No votes
Yes, via online chat
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Yes, via phone or chat
No, i think there is no need counseling
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Total votes: 5
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Ask4Help : Counseling for our community

Postby abuali » 26 Aug 2010, 23:24


Ask4Help is a project run by Ask and volunteers to provide counseling services to the community.

At the initial stage, Ask4Help will be collecting opinions and ideas from the community in order to ascertain the major issues in the community. This will in turn enable the counselors to provide relevant counseling.

The opinions and ideas will be collected anonymously (those who will take part in surveys will not be required to provide any information that can identify them in any way). The surveys will initially be via the internet as well as on paper. Volunteers who wish to assist in distributing and collecting surveys should let us know.

The current target for counseling are the youths of Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri jamaat of Tanzania.

There are two mediums of counseling that are being considered:

1. Via Phone
2. Via Chat

Please participate in the poll so as to allow us to determine your views on the above. Feel free to post in reply to this post if you have any queries or ideas.

You can also anonymously email help [at] if you wish to contribute in private.

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