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Postby keenfarhan » 04 Mar 2007, 15:35

So people ... just wanted to find out whether we would like one common moderator for all the sections or have different moderators for different sections.
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Muhammad Mahdi
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Postby Muhammad Mahdi » 04 Mar 2007, 17:41

I think we should have different moderators for each section, but we should have one super-moderator who should be the co-moderator of all forums.
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Postby Tayyaba » 04 Mar 2007, 23:18

yup i agree with Muhammed Mahdi.
Tayyaba Salim Kassam
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Postby kulsham » 04 Mar 2007, 23:19

when i was running a Forum this is how it used to be..

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Re: Moderators

Postby abuali » 26 Aug 2009, 15:56


We are setting up a new moderating team which will be in charge of the running of Ask.

Anyone who has basic know how of how forums work and the time and interest to do so on Ask, send me a pm and i will send you the basic requirements of a Mod.

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