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Postby Muhammad Mahdi » 03 May 2008, 19:24


For many years, scientists have worked hard to invent one thing- a perfect machine. A perfect machine is one with 100% efficiency, one that converts all inputted energy into useful work. The efficiency of a car engine is 25-30%. The efficiency of a turbo steam electric generator is 50-70%. This is because some of the energy is wasted. The energy wasted is done so in the form of unwanted heat and/or sound. In their search for the perfect machine, the scientists overlooked the one perfect machine that already exists in nature for centuries- the Human Body.

The human body, not normally considered a machine, is exactly that. It converts energy into work. Machines produce heat as a wasted form of energy. The body also produces heat, but it is beneficial to the body. The heat is used to keep the body at a constant temperature which favours enzymatic reactions. This is why we get a fever when we feel unwell. The body raises its temperature to fight off the infection more efficiently. Even though the body has a heating system, it is not allowed to overheat. The body has its own cooling system also. The body removes heat by sweating and through the lungs when we breathe.

Now consider the heart, which beats at an average rate of 72 times per minute. What would happen were it to tire out like other muscles? What could you do if it stopped working? You’d die. Yet the only people who die of heart failure are those who subject their hearts to unnatural and stressful conditions and do not service their machine by exercise.

Think of something else you do everyday- eat. Have you ever thought about the hydrochloric acid in your stomach? The acid in the stomach is concentrated in order to kill all bacteria in the food you eat. The acid has been found to be strong enough to corrode the metal body of a car but it does not harm the body under normal circumstances. The stomach produces a mucous layer that keeps it safe. Nothing is allowed to harm the body.

Any advantageous chemical which may harm the body is destroyed and removed after it has performed its function. Think of hormones. What would happen if we had adrenaline in our bodies all the time? Adrenaline is produced in dangerous/ stressful conditions but is removed from the body immediately afterward. The liver breaks it down and the kidneys remove the broken down products which may still be harmful.

The liver- wow! The liver is an organ all of us think we know. What many of us do not know is that it performs over 500 functions. Some of the well-known functions of the liver are the breakdown of hormones, red blood cells & drugs (alcohol, medicine), and the storage of fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E & K). There are many other lesser-known functions of the liver like fighting infections and producing proteins that we may have never heard of.

And the very best of the body…The Brain. It stores every minute detail and never forgets. (This is hard to believe since we can never recall anything during an examination, but it is true.) The mind associates, judges, reacts to, and controls every single process going on in the body. It knows exactly which muscle in the body is flexed to what degree, how much you have eaten and how long you need to sleep. Another fantastic thing about the brain is that it is a whole chemistry lab on its own. There are at least 100,000 chemical reactions taking place in your brain every second: simply unbelievable! Surprisingly these reactions proceed as they are supposed to and do not interfere with each other.

Everything in the body is balanced, and the balance is perfectly maintained. All this is a fraction of what science knows about the human body which is a tiny fraction of what there is to know about the body; most of it remains, as of yet, undiscovered. Even in imitating it, intelligent scientists have failed. They have, till today, been unable to fashion a perfect machine. Can the human body, one of the many perfect machines found in nature, be a product of mindless chance? Can something mindless (chance) produce something intelligent and so delicately intricate? Or is this fabulous machine, the human body, a creation of an Intelligent Designer?
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