sujok therapyt :Yusuf Alidina

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sujok therapyt :Yusuf Alidina

Postby Muhammad Mahdi » 03 May 2008, 18:49

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Re: sujok therapyt :Yusuf Alidina

Postby abuali » 05 May 2008, 18:17


Next time you have a headache, instead of taking panadols or other such analgesics, rub your right thumb hard on your left thumb for about two minutes and you will be surprised to find your headache disappear. Or you are troubled by stomach ache, acidity, flatulence etc stimulate your lower right area (under the small finger) on your left hand palm by rubbing hard for two minutes and then put on it any leaf with an adhesive tape. You will be amazed with the resulting cure.

You have just used SU JOK THERAPY. The Korean word SU means hand and JOK foot. Thus Su Jok therapy is a therapeutic method employing hands and feet. The originator of this therapy a Korean Professor Park Jae Woo found out that our whole body has correspondence points on our hands and feet and by applying pressure on these points we can remove pain on the corresponding affected parts of our body.

In our body we can distinguish the trunk and five prominent parts – the head with the neck and four extremities. Similarly our hands have a palm and five prominent parts – our fingers. Besides, in the vertical position of the body our head is turned upwards and the limbs are directed downwards. The thumb’s direction differs from that of the other four fingers.

The thumb consisting of two phalanges resembles the head and the neck. Each of the four limbs of the body consists of three parts. In the arm we can distinguish the upper arm, the forearm and the hand; and in the leg – the thigh, the shin and the foot. Each of the four fingers of the hand, from the second to the fifth has three phalanges. Hence the thumb corresponds to the head, the second and the fifth fingers to the arms and the third and the fourth fingers to the legs.

Of all the body parts, the foot has the most similarity to the hand. It resembles to the body in the number of the prominent parts, in the number of segments and joints of the prominent parts and other features. This is a manifestation of deep inner relationships existing between the body and the hand, or foot; and it accounts for the great possibilities of Su Jok therapy.

Like the trunk in the body, our palms and soles have correspondence points of other parts of our bodies – lungs, heart, intestines etc. and these points can be stimulated to treat the affected organ.

The main thing in this therapy is locating the pain point on the hands or the feet and this is done by pressing uniformaly with a special diagnostic stick all the points in the presumed correspondence area on the hands and feet. These points can be distinguished from the other points by their acute tenderness when being mechanically pressed. This feature is used in diagnosis and treatment. Tenderness appearing when a diagnostic stick hits the therapeutic point is often accompanied by the patient’s reaction in the form of muscle tension or involuntary movement. We can also use a match stick or a ballpen to pinpoint the point and once you have located the point which will be painful when pressed, you should rub it with some pressure with your thumb for two minutes to relieve you of your pain.

Besides using the fingers to massage the pain point, various other gadgets are employed. Of course the diagnostic stick, ballpen, pencil, matchstick can be used to apply the stimulation by rotating the stick clockwise and anti clockwise until the pain on the point subsides and a feeling of warmth is experienced. An elastic massage ring is put on and repeatedly rolled over a finger with pressing effort until a sensation of warmth and persistent reddening of the skin of the massaged finger occur. But the easiest and the most painless gadget is the Su Jok Machine which is used on the pain point for about a minute.

Another effective method of treatment is the use of seeds like wheat, rice, apple, bean, black pepper(for eyes) etc plastered on the point. Seeds are placed over the points after a thorough massage and left overnight. They should be should be first attached to a piece of adhesive plaster (preferably of paper) and then fixed on the hand or the foot. Other items like magnets, beads, stones are also used.

Suggestive Treatment Chart here will indicate to you the location of the points you wish to stimulate. The confirmation of the correct location of the point is that the patient will feel pain when the point is pressed and this correct location of the pain point is half the battle won in the effective treatment of the ailment. Remember that Su Jok Therapy has no adverse effects. The most important factor is that all cure (shifa) is from God so invoking His Name while pressing the pain points is most desirable.

We can have our own Free Medical Check Up by pressing all the points regularly and the point which produces pain when pressed will be an alarm to alert us pf some disorder in that organ thus enabling us to seek consultation from a Doctor. By the way, even chronic ailments can be treated with Su Jok Therapy.

Su Jok Therapy is shown daily on AASTHA channel at around 10.00 p.m. If you are interested in this therapy you should watch this programme and you will learn a lot.

Contribued by: Yusuf Alidina

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