Responsible Parenting :Anon

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Responsible Parenting :Anon

Postby Muhammad Mahdi » 03 May 2008, 18:37

Responsible Parenting.

If you are a parent of a teenager then you have probably heard your teen say,” Dad, I want a play station!!!!”

You are probably thinking what a play station has to do with “responsible parenting”….

Well, this has a simple answer. With the games that are available these days it’s hard for a parent to keep track of what’s “appropriate” for ones child and what isn’t”.

In this article I am simply going to highlight the importance of keeping track. There are games out there within easy reach of teens which are- to put it mildly “inappropriate”. These games, by the way have, a rating which indicates that they are not suitable for kids under 18.So what do these games have that they are given this rating?

Well, most of these games have a lot of violence, strong, abusive language is used, (in case you were wondering when your kid started using the “f-word”, you might not have to look too far). Another “problem” with these games is that it has strong sexual content, I personally have played a game where one of the characters from the game has to negotiate with a prostitute!! When you see a 14 year old playing such games, you have got to ask “what on earth are the parents doing buying their kids these games??

I am not saying that you should chuck your teen’s play station out the window but simply to filter what games he/she is playing. A simple way to do it is to check the rating of the game-which the teen has bought and to maintain strict rules when it come to gaming.

Another thing you could do is-when your teen is playing, just go and sit with him while he plays, if you see that he is changing the game or has suddenly remembered homework then you know he is playing a game which in inappropriate for him.

The writer has written from personally experience, and is simply meant as a wake up call.
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