Bizectory | Compiler: Mazaharabbas Fazal

A special forum created for the purpose of the Editorial Team of BIZ Magazine ( a production of Ask) to discuss, organize and work on the BIZ Magazine project. To apply for joining the team please contact Hasin
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Bizectory | Compiler: Mazaharabbas Fazal

Postby abuali » 23 Oct 2006, 02:31

This forum is dedicated to discussions related to the 'Bizectory'' section of each issue. This section shall be the responsibility of Mazhar.

Mazhar: Please put forward your ideas and topics for next two issues and anything else that you want to share in relation to the 'Bizectory' section.
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Postby Mazhar » 06 Nov 2006, 21:49

S a
I will need the help of the whole team in compilin the directory for those who wont be able to do so pls lemme know
10 Forms(on one A4 size sheet) will be given to those who agree to look for businesses who will want to advertise their products/services offered at the price of 2,500tshs per business
We will also give businessess the option to advertise in all 4 issues at the price of 10,000Tshs(we should push for this)
Forms will be available at the ASK office from tomorrow at 1700hrs

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