BizNess Section | Author: Mazharabbas Fazal

A special forum created for the purpose of the Editorial Team of BIZ Magazine ( a production of Ask) to discuss, organize and work on the BIZ Magazine project. To apply for joining the team please contact Hasin
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BizNess Section | Author: Mazharabbas Fazal

Postby abuali » 23 Oct 2006, 00:06

This forum is dedicated to discussions related to the 'BizNess Section' of each issue. This section shall be the responsibility of Mazharabbas.

Mazharabbas: Please put forward your ideas and topics for next two issues and anything else that you want to share in relation to the 'BizNess Section'
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Postby Mazhar » 29 Nov 2006, 21:05

Salaams all
For the bizness section i was thinking of writin/compiling an article on how stocks and the stock market works any thoughts?

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