Bribery / Rushwa / Bakshish

Our communities and daily lives are ridden with many unIslamic temptations and deviations. Yet plenty are practiced openly.

Who is responsible for bribery

The one who demands it
The one who gives it
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Bribery / Rushwa / Bakshish

Postby qamar » 15 Aug 2013, 23:34


All will agree Bribery is a vice in society. Yet its rampant all over the world.

Tanzania is an ICU patient of this social-disease.

If you ask the bribe-giver he will say it is the people-in-power who demand bribes to do any work that cause the problem.

If you ask the bribe-receiver he says that the system is such that without bribes it wont work as he himself is expected to share bribes with his seniors.

In government hospitals patients who can give bakshish get better service then those whose pockets are not deep.

In government departments, the one with the deep pockets doesn't have to stand in queues that others spend hours waiting in before they receive any service.

What do you think about bribery, both locally and internationally?

Who is to be blamed?

Is it a sin to give a bribe?

Is it a sin to take bribe?

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