Our communities and daily lives are ridden with many unIslamic temptations and deviations. Yet plenty are practiced openly.
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Postby Reyhana » 30 Mar 2010, 12:43

HALLOWEEN by Haji Sayyid Ja.far Yahya and and AI-Hajj Sayyid Qamar Ja.fari
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Halloween or .Holy Evening. is a holiday, which has its origin in the PAGAN
worship of the people of Scotland. Halloween was originally a festival that was
celebrated in France, Scotland, Ireland, and by those people who worship the
devil (Al-Shaitan or Satan) known as devil-worshippers or witches. As we know, Halloween is
celebrated in America in the evening of October 31st and the night before the Christian festival
of All Hallows Day (or All Saints Day) which is a celebration of the saints and martyrs of
.All Hallows Day. was first introduced in the 7th century and its date changed from May 13th
to November 1st in the 11th century to coincide with the pagan festival of DEATH thereby
assimilating the old pagan belief-system with the new religion of Christianity. Thereby making
this religion easily acceptable by the idolatrous or heathenish tribes.
Halloween to pagan tribes, marked the beginning of the winter and marked the dying time of
the old year. It was a night when the evil was allowed to roam the countryside in search of
human prey. People were encouraged to leave .offerings. of food and drink for these evil
beings, so as not to incur their wrath.
Demons, witches riding upon Broom Sticks, ghosts, and other spirits roamed from house to
house singing, dancing and seeking the offerings or to play tricks on the human beings if no
food or drink was left out for them.
On Halloween Day, Evening and Night, the American children roam in their costumes from
door to door. They replaced the legendary witches, goblins and ghosts in the pagan .folk lore.
and play .tricks. at night if no candies are left for them. They yell ‘’.trick or treat’’. as did the evil
creatures in the heathen folk lore.
Halloween is also still being observed by modern witches in the Western countries in its
traditional manner. It is marked by offerings to devil (Al-Shaitaan or Satan) of human blood
and gifts and by renouncing God (Allah) as supreme and guardian over his creation.

We Muslims do not celebrate Halloween or participate in it.s activities because: (1) it is rooted
in pagan traditional worship of the devil and (2) It implies that Allah (God) does not have
complete control of his creations and is therefore less than OMNIPOTENT.
We Muslims believe that Allah does not leave the evil ones to rule over the earth for even one
iota of a second, leaving humankind without His Divine Protection.
We should say to those Christians, Jews or Pagans who invite us to participate in these
disguised holidays and celebrations as Allah commands in Surah (Chapter) CIX, Al-Kafirun
(The Unbelievers).

This Surah was revealed at a time when the idolaters had asked the Prophet of Islam to
compromise in matters of his religion.


(Mu¶ammad), tell the disbelievers,
"I do not worship what you worship,
nor do you worship what I worship
I have not been worshipping what you worshipped,
nor will you worship what I shall worship
You follow your religion and I follow mine.

The Kuffar (Unbelievers) of Mecca, Hejaz (Saudi Arabia), namely Omayya bin Khalaf, Walid
bin Moghaira, Aas and Aqbuh bin Rabi.a and a party of the Quraish had told the Prophet
to worship what they worship and they will worship what he worshipped so that each might
have a share in the truth or the falsehood of the other.
The Prophet of Allah (blessings of Allah be upon him and his family)), having himself preached
the truth could never naturally or reasonably yield to falsehood. Likewise, the unbelievers
being attached to their own fancies, vested interest and acts of oppression could not act
according to the truth they were ever opposed to.
Islam rejects the .Cafeteria Religion. (i.e. choosing whatever one like from the menu of the
religion). As a religion or faith, is a matter exclusively of conviction and not a matter to be
adjusted to suit any exigencies (crisis) of any social or political situation, or any material
advantage or for fear of any lost or any worldly gain.
We Muslims with the knowledge of truth (Islam) should never give way for any consideration
or purpose.
P.S Many Muslim children specially in the west still celebrate Halloween,please help in spreading awareness about this evil day.
''The worst sin is that which the commiter takes lightly.''[saying of Imam Ali a.s. quoted in Nahjul Balagha]
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Postby sadika » 14 Aug 2013, 19:43

dint knw abt this

thght halloween was cool before this
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