Knights Templar & Freemasonry

Our communities and daily lives are ridden with many unIslamic temptations and deviations. Yet plenty are practiced openly.
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Knights Templar & Freemasonry

Postby abuali » 11 Jul 2009, 00:41


I have been trying to research what Knights Templar and Freemasonry is all about.

I have heard about various conspriacy theories on how the templars and masons worship the Shaitaan and how through manipulation and control of power centres and finances they practically rule the world.

I have also heard that Switzerland was formed by exiled Templars who guised themselves as masons and needed a state of their own.

Anyone has any resources or information on these groups?

Does anyone know how influential the masons are in Tanzania/East Africa?

I have heard several Shias are masons. Is that true?

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