Our communities and daily lives are ridden with many unIslamic temptations and deviations. Yet plenty are practiced openly.
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Postby Sanna » 29 Nov 2004, 23:50

Playing instruments of music is a Greater Sin. It is Haraam to play instruments like guitar, piano, tambourine, drums etc. Listening to music is also a Greater Sin. Music as a Greater sin is reported by Fazl ibn Shazaan from Imam Ali ar-Reza (a.s.):
"And to be engrossed in musical instruments is also a Greater Sin."

All the Mujtahids are unanimous in their opinion that the manufacture, sale and purchase of musical instruments is Haraam and the income derived from musical activity is also Haraam. The transactions involving these (instruments) are invalid. It is Haraam even to keep instruments of music in one's possession. It is obligatory to destroy them. This is revealed in a lengthy tradition of Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq (a.s.) as recorded in the book "Tohafful Uqool". Similarly, Shaykh Hurr al-Aamili records the following tradition from Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq (a.s.):
"The Almighty Allah has prohibited the manufacture of all such things that are exclusively used in Haraam ways; and things that only create evil like pipe, flute, chess and all types of instruments of gambling, images, statues. The manufacture of all such articles is Haraam."

Imam (a.s.) concluded, "Then even learning to sing or play music and teaching it, to sing and play music, to be paid for these things or to be in any way engrossed in these vices is Haraam."

Music - According to the Traditions

Some more traditions prohibiting music are given below.

Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq (a.s.) reports from the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) that he said:
"I prohibit for you dancing and playing flute, drums and tabla."
(Al Kafi)

The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) has also said,
"The Almighty Allah has sent me as a mercy to the worlds, to guide the people. And He ordered me to eradicate the playing of flute and other instruments of music, all games of vice, idol (worship) and all practices of the days of ignorance."
(Mustadrakul Wasael, Chapter 79)

Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq (a.s.) says,
"A person who has received blessings from Allah and while having these blessings, he plays flute. It is as if he has been thankless of the blessings."
(Wasaelush Shia)

Every moment of our lives, we are enjoying Allah's unlimited benevolence.

Music Causes Shamelessness and Hypocrisy

The Sixth Imam (a.s.) has also stated,
"The playing of violin promotes the growth of hypocrisy in the heart like water assists the growth of vegetation (algae)."
(Wasaelush Shia)

Imam (a.s.) also says,
"If drums and cymbals are played at one's house for forty days, Allah will impose a satan by the name of 'faqandir'. The satans will infiltrate into every cell of the person's body. With the spread of this evil, the person loses all sense of dignity and self-esteem. He will then not care as to what he says or what is said about him. Then, this satan blows into this person. As a result, he becomes utterly shameless. So mush so that he is not concerned or affected even if his women are dishonoured."
(Wasaelush Shia)

It is usually observed that the people in whose homes music is played with regularity either using musical instruments or by radio or cassettes are absolutely shameless and wanton.

Musician and the Song

Muadda Ibne Ziyad says, "I was in the company of Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq (a.s.) when a person said, "When I go to the toilet, I can hear the singing girls of my neighbour. Sometimes, I remain (in toilet) longer so that I may listen to more of it."

Imam (a.s.) said:
"Desist from listening to music and songs attentively."

Then this man further said, "Master, I do not go to music gatherings! I only hear the sounds!"

Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq (a.s.) said,
"Have you not read this Quranic verse...

"Surely, the hearing and the sight and the heart, all of these shall be questioned about that?"
(Surah Bani Israel 17:36)

The man replied, "I was not aware of this ayat. I regret my actions. I shall not do so in the future. I repent for my past sins and I seek forgiveness from my Lord."

Seeing his condition, Imam (a.s.) said,
"Get up ! Go and perform ghusl and offer namaz and pray for forgiveness. You have certainly been involved in a deadly sin and a terrible situation. You have repented for it and I thank Allah for that; and I seek forgiveness of Allah for all those things that He dislikes. Certainly, Allah only dislikes the evil things. Leave the evil things to the evil people because there are different people suitable for different things."
(Al Kafi Chapter of Music)

Divine Bounties (Barakat) are Removed

Amirul Momineen Ali (a.s.) says,
"Angels do not even enter a house that has wine, drum, tambourine or a flute. Even the prayers of the inhabitants of this house are unacceptable. They are deprived of barakat."
(Wasaelush Shia)

Hazrat Imam Ali ar-Reza (a.s.) has said,
"To listen to a musical instrument is one of the Greater Sins."
(Mustadrakul Wasael)

The Blackened Face of the Musician

The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) has stated,
"A person who possesses a sitar, on the day of Qiyamat will be raised with a black face. His hands will be holding a sitar of fire. Seventy thousand angels with maces of fire will be hitting him on the face and the head. The singer will arise from his grave, blind, deaf and dumb. The adulterer will be similarly raised. The player of flute will also be made to rise in this way as will be the drum player."
(Mustadrakul Wasael)

It means that all such people will appear on the field of "Mahshar" (on the day of reckoning) as blind, deaf and dumb.

A House Where Music is Played for Forty Days

Hazrat Imam Ali ar-Reza (a.s.) remarks,
"A person invites Divine wrath when in his house instruments like flute, drum and chess are played for forty days. If this man dies within these forty days, his death would be of a sinner and a transgressor. His place shall be in Hell. And what a dreadful place it is!"
(Mustanad al Taraqi)

Music and the Last Period of Time

The traditions concerning the signs of the last stage before the Zuhoor of our Imam (a.s.) mention music:
"And you shall see that music will be so prevalent that no one will dissuade others nor will he find in himself the need to do so. And you shall see that music would be openly played even in the two sanctuaries (the city of Makkah and Madinah)."
(Mustanade Naraqi)

This is what we see in the present age where obscene music is openly played in the markets, on the streets, in shops and houses and even cars and no one bothers to prevent it!

So far we have mentioned the punishment of the hereafter for the sin of playing or listening to music. Now, we shall discuss the evils of music that affect life on earth. These evils too are numerous. Scholars have compiled complete books on this subject. For example we have the following books in Persian, "Munazrah Doctor-o-Peer", "Balahaee Ijtemai", "Mauseeqi-o-Islam", etc.

Effects of Music on the Nervous System

Expert Doctors, Scientists and biologists have defined two types of nerves, the principal nerves and the arterial nerves. The principal nerves stretch from the neck to all vital organs. The arterial nerves spread from the main nerves to all parts of the body. The secondary nerves are connected to outward parts of the body and convey the messages to the brain. When the veins enlarge the blood pressure decreases. Due to the shrivelling of blood vessels, the blood pressure increases. When the blood pressure varies at different parts of the body it affects the health.

When the secondary nerves work they produce heat whereas the functioning of the central nerves produces the opposite effect. It is due to these nerves that feelings of sloth, sleep, thoughtlessness, forgetfulness, grief, sorrow, fainting, unconsciousness and even death occur. Obviously, when music can affect various nerves, it can give rise to various maladies. Mental diseases as well as physical ailments can occur. These mental effects can destroy man's reasoning capacity. It is for this reason that one who listens to music is unable to perform work that can be accomplished by a sane person.

Music creates vibrations in the body and these are conveyed to all the parts of the body through the nervous system. As a result of this, indigestion occurs. Music affects the heart in such a way that the heartbeats become irregular. The blood pressure goes awry. All such ailments make a person permanently ill. Consequently, even modern medical science, in spite of its astonishing progress, fails in such a situation. Sometimes, the music is so intense that the listeners lose their sanity. They become dumb and various kinds of mental diseases occur. In places where music is more prevalent, we find that there are more neurotic illnesses. It is for this reason that more mental hospitals are to be found in Europe and America.

Dr. Adlen writes against music, "Even though it seems pleasant, the effect of music is profound upon the nervous system. Especially, when the temperature is high, the ill effect of music is more. This is the reason that ill effects of music are more in the hot areas of Iran and Saudi Arabia. The American people are so disgusted with the bane of music that they have united to demand from the senate a permanent ban on music. It is a pity that the whole world clearly perceives the evils of music and yet adopts music as entertainment."
(Refer to the booklet; "Tasir Mausiqi bar Asaab" Pg.3, 6,10)
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Music=Haram?Then what is Daresalaam madressa teaching kids?

Postby Salilabbas » 19 Dec 2004, 03:47

If music is haraam,why are children in madressahs in Dar-e-Salaam being told that it isnt.
A friend of mine is currently studying in the madressah there,she is only 12 years old and claims along with proof from her madressah text book, that music is halal as long as 'it doesnt make you think of a bad place or any evil'.
Is this teaching in madressah justified,if it does then definately the entire article by sanna hasham has been overlooked!
Please reply someone[/b]
Salilabbas Sadak
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Postby Sayyeda » 19 Dec 2004, 14:57


Actually what Salilabbas has mentioned is true, because I personally know someone who told me that they're being taught that music is halal as far as it doesn't arouse any sinful emotions or wrongful thinking and as long as you do not tap your fingers and start moving your legs!!! However, I do not know whether this is taught at madressa or elsewhere!

Would prefer if anyone could shed some light on whether there is anything like good and bad music? I mean, whether there's anything like Halaal music!
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Light needed to be shed

Postby Salilabbas » 06 Jan 2005, 15:59

Yes,if someone could please shed some light on specifically what kind of music is halal...alot of us listen to music feeling that it is halal..and yet it may be totally haraam.And if someone could please look into what i mentioned in my last post about children in Madressah being taught that music is halal :shock: .
Salilabbas Sadak
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Postby Yas » 06 Jan 2005, 19:09

There's alot of varying contradictory OPINIONS about music. I personally know of a highly educated and religious man who regards it halaal... ofcourse with his reasons, which if justifiable are to be respected. Ok, I'm no expert nor do I want to debate this issue so I won't delve into it, but I just want to say, regardless of how many hundred contradictory opinions that may exist on this issue, ultimate you follow your mujtahid. It is indeed shocking that younger muslims are being taught of such a thing - especially after you consider their innocence and naivety (well true 12 is pretty mature, but My few words. Tc.
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Muntazir Manji
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what sort of music is halal

Postby Muntazir Manji » 31 Jan 2005, 21:04


Its relly disappinting how children at the tender age of 12 or so are being misled in the madressa itself! Bros and sis, this lays the responsibility on our shoulders, to guide whoever we know.

Yas is correct in saying that we must follow our mujtahids.. Those who folow Ayatollah Sistani, the ruling is that any music that is fit for gatherings of entertainment and immorality, is haraam, the rest is halaal.

For example, Nasheeds are halaal, classical music that is not used in gatherings of amusement and immorality is also allowed. Nevertherless, we are discourged from indulging in these too, we should give preference to listening to quran and duas.

Anyone who wants to knoe more, please visit and go to the book: Code of practice for muslims in the west.

Another book that has information about music is Contemporary laws.... " cant remember the whole name, but i have a copy (willing to lend it for some time-can be reached on 0741 772987) and its available in Tabligh as well.

It is to my understanding that music in itself is not haraam, it is the songs tha are haram. i.e. ghina. A hadith from the prophet says "Ghina is worse than Zina".

Since the line between halal and haram music is very thin, it is better that we refrain from it, because the advantage at the end is ours. Vices such as ghina, alcohol are all haram because they have a negative influence on the soul!

This discussion can go on and on, so ill stop here.

wassalaam. Muntazir Manji
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Postby Aliyah » 31 Jan 2005, 21:48

Salaamun alaykum

Actually i dont get ur point as to why music is not haraam but songs are haraam. Can u clear this dought pls.

May Allah bless u all
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Muntazir Manji
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confusion about music!

Postby Muntazir Manji » 07 Feb 2005, 17:14

salaam alaikum aliya,

Unfortunately i do not find myself in a position to explain this in greater depth than what appears in the fatwa of Ayatollah Sistani.

However, from general observation, we can see that music can have some good effects on the human mind. For example, it is used in relaxation therapy fot treating some cases of depression and all that. Just the way Alcohol for example, is haraam and najis when consumed as a beverage, but industrial grade alcohol is paak.

Similarly music, when used on its own, can have some beneficial effects on the human mind, but when combined with singing (ghina) it becomes a favorite tool of the satan in corrupting the human mind and soul. To prove this, we can just take an example of the songs that we have, they are all based on love and romance! not forgetting immorality and nudity!

These things without even us realizing take us inch by inch away from Allah (swt). That is why i think ghina is such a harmful thing, and often if we observe correctly, ghina is a lead into other vices as well, such as zinah. Hence the prophets saying : "Ghina is worse than zina".

I would like to point out another thing here that, Everything that Allah has created is nothing but GOOD, however somethings become BAD in relation to other things. For example, Music is not bad, but in combination with singing it becomes harmful for the human soul. Alcohol is not bad, but when combined with human beings, its consumption is harmful for the body and the soul. we can think of many examples!

We must note that even when music (without ghina) is used for immoral purposes it becomes haram! Because islam is a religion that requires total elimination of immorality from the society.

That is the much i can explain, please remember that i am not a scholar nor a learned man, what i have posted here is a collection of what i understand from the lectures i hear and some of my personal opinions as well.

Should you like to find out more, please visit and go the section on lectures. There is one on music by Dr.Alidina i think. Also follow up on the first few lectures by Sheikh Arif Abdul Hussein in Dubai last Muharram on

Finally, these comments should not make anyone think i am in favor of music, NO! My advice is, keep away from music. No sound is better than the recitation of the Quran and Duas, because these will improve our spirituality. The closer you go to music, the easir it is to cross the limit between haram and halal.

May Allah guide us better. If i have made any mistakes, id appreciate corrections.
"live the life of this world as if it were to never end, prepare for the hereafter as if this life were to end tomorrow" Imam Ali (as)

Postby creative » 15 Feb 2005, 15:10

This is all very confusing -
Playing instruments of music is a Greater Sin.

Muslims themselves made many different types of instruments.
So, if it would be made haraam awhy would they have made them and spent their time making them in the fkirst place.
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Postby abuali » 15 Feb 2005, 17:25

Muslims themselves made many different types of instruments.
So, if it would be made haraam awhy would they have made them and spent their time making them in the fkirst place

Many so called 'Muslims' also spend time at bars drinking alcohol. Indeed there are Muslims that run casinos and brothels.

That does not make all these activities halaal does it?

As Imam Ali (AS) said (I cant remember the exact words, so I am putting down what I understood): ' Dont look at who but what (in other words, if a muslim does something does not necessarily make that thing right and vice verse. Judge the action first and then decide)

Postby creative » 16 Feb 2005, 03:05

Bu with these instruments they then listened to classical music and that just calms people.
Ok - some people - mainly the people that wave their sticks about 9i can't remember the words) - go over the top but most people don't.
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Muntazir Manji
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Postby Muntazir Manji » 21 Feb 2005, 12:23

Siraj (creative) heres the catch! - The whole point about music is that it has great potential to corrupt the human being at both the physical and spiritual level, therefore, we MUST refrain from it..

The only halal music is that which comes in the form of sound effects and background music on tv. Listening to songs is haram, and there is nothing that can make it halal. As you may have the hadith i the first post..

Secondly, Just because some ancient muslims made instruments, oes not justify it, because it is the some of the same old muslims who concocted false hadith and attribute them to the prophet in order to justify their wron actions. Classical example are Muawiya and his puppet Abu Huraira...

Ok i got one min left.. kh. more later
"live the life of this world as if it were to never end, prepare for the hereafter as if this life were to end tomorrow" Imam Ali (as)
Mudassir Alloo


Postby Mudassir Alloo » 18 Nov 2005, 17:06

Along with all the clarifications and amplifications I personally would like to add a few points which are of paramount significance.
Firstly, The most frequently asked question as to which music is halaal and which one is haraam.
That music which is suitable for entertainment and amusement gatherings, even if it does not arouse sexual temptaion is FORBIDDEN while that which is not suitable for entertainment and amusement gatherings is permissible

The expression "the music or the song that is suitable for entertainment and amusement gatherings" does not mean that the musci or the songs tune amuses the mental state because there is nothing wrong in it.

The expression acutally means that the person listening to the music or the song's tune-especially if he's an expert in these matters-can distinguish that this tune is used in the entertainment and amusement gatherings or that it is similar to the tunes used therein.

That's all
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Postby qarrar » 31 Dec 2005, 18:39

Sayyed Seestani (HA): About the question of music, His Eminence holds that the prohibition of music and lyrics is based on content and thus, any sound and lyric and music which does not promote laxity and immorality and does not misguide human-beings or blemish the visage of Islam, is not forbidden.

Sayyed Khamenei (HA): If music is enrapturing, trifling, and suitable for corrupt gatherings then it is prohibited (haram) otherwise it is permissible unless it is played along with prohibited kind of singing (which is enrapturing, trifling, and suitable for corrupt gatherings).

From Sayyid Sistani we read the following fatwa legitimizing good music from his own website: ... inment.htm

(Q.69) Is it permissible for a Muslim to send his son to a music institute to learn music as an art, provided that he does not use his artistic skills in haraam matters?

There is no harm in children learning halal music as such. However, when sending children to music schools, there must be the guarantee that this would not adversely affect their upbringing. Allah is All Knowing.

(Q.71) If the yardstick is the amusement or delectation, it is a grey area, for tastes and opinions vary and differ. So, when can one draw the line between halal and haraam music?

The crucial line is in it [music] being commensurate with the gatherings of entertainment and moral depravity.
and ... 123&page=1

No: 1
Question: Can a Muslim Listen to music?
Answer: It is permissible to listen to music which is not fit for diversion and play.
No: 2
Question: Please specify if any music is allowed in Islam?
Answer: Music other than diversion and play is allowed.
No: 3
Question: Is music haram to listen to for Muslims? If yes why please explain?
Answer: It is Haram to listen to music special for diversion and play.
And ... =80&page=1
Ghina (Music) ( 1 )
No: 1

Question: Some people recite salaams on the tune of some songs. Is it haram or halal ?

Answer: If the recitation is not in a Lahvi manner, it is not haram. (Lahvi means something that is provocative and suitable for revelry).

And ... alat5.html

From Ayatollah Syed Fadhlallah Hussain of Lebanon, gave the following Fatwa on Music and dancing

Q: What is the legal attitude, on that account, with relation to rhythmical and tuneful music , popular music , the aim of which is to create an ambiance for dancing (given that the latter is lawful as you have already mentioned)?

A: Such music is not forbidden as long as it does not involve temptation and enticement; that is, as long as it is not the melody of the people of debauchery as jurists say. Unlawful music is the one that leads to dissoluteness and dissipation, the one that suits the overindulgence of the people of debauchery, and the one that, by its tunes, melodies and notes, stimulate desires and cravings.
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Postby minhaal2000 » 31 Dec 2005, 22:13

its simple let me explain what one of my teachers taught me ...

music is like a Glass...

if i pour wine into it it halaal for me or not ? ofcourse its haraam for me to drink from the glass ausio ?...

but what is the fault of the glass..there is no problem with the glass is there ??

its the wine that brings all the issues ..

now what if i pour pepsi ? can i drink from the glass ?? absolutely yes

similarly there is no problem with is the contents that will determine whether it's halaal or haraam

so judge the contents/ lyrics and thats not hard makes logical sense doesnt it ?

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