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Postby Tanveer » 22 Jan 2005, 22:05

This is a fabulous book written by Mustafa Khaki...for those who have it I would advice you all to read it and for those who don’t, I will quote for you what he has written...

In the name of Allah the Most Merciful the Compassionate. O Allah! Send your choicest blessings on your beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w and his Holy Ahlulbayt a.s.

This small and humble work is the effort to portray the rights of parents and children on each other. The actual situation is quite different to what the modern talented people think concerning the filling up of generation gap. Even though vast changes are taking place in recent decades and new technologies are invented everyday, but the relative values of parents and children have not been altered by shareeyah. It will remain as it used to be.

Over-estimation of the self creates the basic problems. Children who think parents are old-fashioned nuisance are on a wrong track as well the parents who consider children as a burden are gravely mistaken. Then the arising misunderstandings lead to damnation of both sides. Bad situations could be adjusted if basic principles are followed faithfully. Ignoring each other and creating impartiality is not a solution to any problem. Problems can only be prudently solved when both the parties agree to sort out peacefully. So the wise and understanding mind can get the real peace of the soul. Moreover, preventive measures are always there for the people with literary and spiritual insight.

I guess this is enough for a day...I'll continue with it some time later…

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