Jinn possessions

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Can humans be possessed by Jinn?

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Jinn possessions

Postby sadika » 14 Aug 2013, 21:00

sa sisters/brothers

a friend was telling me of how a distant relative was possessed by a jinn since childhood.
can there be any truth to humans being possessed by jinns?
anyone know of any such incidents or people? I dnt so i find it very hard to believe
maybe its just too many horror stories
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Re: Jinn possessions

Postby Moonbeam » 15 Aug 2013, 19:38

Salaams Sadika,

Interesting topic to bring up!

Well Jinns exist thats for sure. And i do believe they can also possess you / harm you, which is why we have been given the gift of Suratun Naas and Suratul Falaq, where we specifically ask for protection "Minal Jinnati wanNaas".

Our elders also always advise us to stay away from trees and the sea near or during namaz time. There must be a valid reason behind it, or perhaps its just old folks tale?

We have Suratul Jinn as well, its worth looking into its tafseer and find out more about what Islam says about them. They do have a realm, and they will also be questioned on the day of Judgement.

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Re: Jinn possessions

Postby qamar » 15 Aug 2013, 23:08


True about the Sura's. They testify to their existence.

Have also heard elders advice about seashores and maghrib time.

Lakini :) , can they physically possess and control humans?

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