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Postby Umm.aly » 08 Nov 2008, 16:21

It is narrated from the Prophet (Peace be upon him and his progeny) that it is recommended to pray this prayer on Sunday in the month of Dhil Qa'da with a great reward. That whoever prays it, his sins will be forgiven and his repentance will be accepted and Allah (swt) will make his liabilities to others cleared and when he dies he will die with faith (Iman). And his religion will be intact. His grave will be widened and enlightened, his parents will be pleased with him and Allah (swt) will forgive his parents and children and will give him more wealth. And the Angel of Death will be gentle with him when taking his soul. And many other great benefits for this special prayer.

Reference to this salaat: Mafateeh Al Jinan by Shiek Abbas Qummi (page 247), A'maal the month of Dhil Qa'da

It is recommended to pray a 4 rakat namaz on any sunday in Zilqaad. In every rakat:

1. Sura Alhamd once
2. Ikhlass 3 times
3. Falaq once
4. Naas once

After salaam 70 times: "astagfirullaah wa rabbee wa atoobu ilayh"

then say: "la hawla wala quwata illa billa hil aliyil azeem"

then say: Yaa a'zeezu yaa ghaffaarugh-fir lee d'unobee wa d'unooba jamee-i'l moo-mineena wal moominat fa-innahu laa yaghfirud' d'unooba illaa anta.


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Postby Reyhana » 28 Sep 2011, 22:20

May Almighty grant us all the tawfik to perform this aamaal and may HE {s.w.t} accept it from us.amen.

In THE PRAYER'S ALMANAC [english version of mafaatihal jinaan] its written to recite SURATUL KAFIROON once, before SURATUL NAAS [[hence making it a total of 5 suras to be recited.]
''The worst sin is that which the commiter takes lightly.''[saying of Imam Ali a.s. quoted in Nahjul Balagha]
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Postby abuali » 13 Oct 2011, 00:43


Such amazing rewards! Alhamdulilah.

Inshallah, a couple of more sundays left to take advantage of this namaaz.

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