A Glimpse of 'Ali is 'ibaadah

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A Glimpse of 'Ali is 'ibaadah

Postby Muntazir » 29 Oct 2009, 23:04

Looking at ‘Ali Ibn Abi Talib, or even thinking of him is a Worship!

For Shi’as, this is just another BLESSING!

For Sunnis, this is another FALSE STATEMENT!

Hence, I bring proofs from their (Sunni) books:

Haakim in Mustadrak as-Sahiheen, from Abi Sa’eed Khudri, from ‘Imraan Ibn Hasin (s – with a (ص who believed this Hadith as SAHIH (AUTHENTIC)), and from the same cover from Abdullah Ibn Mas’ood and Abu Na’eem in Heliyatal-Uwlaa’, and Heysamy in Majma’, and Mohb Tabari in Riyaadh an-Nadhara and by his saying, Abul Hassan Horbi and Amiri and Abi Na’eem in Heylatal Awliyaa, from Urwah, from ‘Aisha, wife of the Prophet (Peace be upon) and Khatib in Taarikhe Baghdadi from Abi Harizah, Muttaki in Kanzul ‘Amaal, Munavi in Fayzul Qadeer all of it from the Prophet (Peace be upon) that they stated that he (peace be upon) said: “Taking a glimpse of ‘Ali is worship (‘ibaadah)”, Munaavi after narrating this hadith, from Zamkhashari, from Ibn al-A’raabi narrates and says: “When he (‘Ali) used to come out, people used to say: Laa-Ilaaha-Illallaah; what noor this youth has! what knowledge he posseses! what great status he has! how strong he is! so duteous he is! how blissful he is that anyone who looks at him say laa-ilaaha-illallaah without even realizing it!”

Mohb Tabari in Riyaadh an-Nadharah from M’aadhah Ghufaariyyah narrates who said: I had a good relation with the Prophet (peace be upon), meaning, I used to go with him (peace be upon) to his (peace be upon) house as we used to travel to places to treat ill people and to see them. One day I entered the house of ‘Aisha and saw ‘Ali coming out, the Prophet (peace be upon) then told ‘Aisha infront of ‘Ali: O ‘Aisha! This man is the most lovable and respected to me amongst all, know his rights and always respect him. It happened until the day when the war of Jamal (between ‘Aisha and ‘Ali) took place, and after the end of the war ‘Aisha returned to Madinah, and I went to her house and said: O Ummul Mo’mineen! Today how is your heart towards ‘Ali? After all that the Prophet has said to you? She replied: O Ma’aadhah! How can my heart be towards a man who always used to visit our house, and when my father Abu Bakr also used to be there and never used to get tired by looking at his face!? Until I asked him (Abu Bakr): Dear Father, why are you staring at ‘Ali so much? He said: My daughter, I heard it from the Prophet (peace be upon) who said: Looking at ‘Ali is worship…!

Also Mohb in Riyaadh an-Nadharah from ‘Aisha; and also from other sources from Jaabir and in P. 220 from of ‘Ali’s sons narrated a similar tradition. Manaavi in Fayzul Qadeer in a statement, says: “Speaking of ‘Ali and his remembarance is worship. This hadith is also found by Dylmi in the book al-Firdous from ‘Aisha, and also by Muttaki in Kanzul ‘Amaal has brought the same similarity, Munaavi in Kanuzal Haqaaik, from Khalily and Ibn Hajr in Sawaaiq al-Mahraqah, from Dilmy from ‘Aisha has narrated the same.

The Holy Prophet (peace be upon) said: ‘Ali is Haqq, and Haqq is with ‘Ali! Whoever rejects him has rejected me, and whoever rejected me has rejected ‘Allah (s.w.a)…!

There is not a single statement such as this neither about Abu Bakr, Umar or Uthman. They went against the Prophet (peace be upon) and tried their best to change his (peace be upon) teachings. They mistreated ‘Ali and Fatimah (daughter of the Prophet (peace be upon)). The rest is on you!

If you want more proofs or have questions, you are most welcome to discuss them with me.
as-Salaamu 'aleykum warahmatullah

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