Read First before using 'Job Openings' service on Ask

Vacancies and job openings in the market. Companies searching for employees are encouraged to submit information about their vacancies to Ask. In collaboration with
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Read First before using 'Job Openings' service on Ask

Postby abuali » 03 Jun 2005, 19:10

Salaam Alaykum

For some time now the Ask team has been pondering upon a scheme to aid job seekers find jobs.

Now Ask has decided to try out a scheme using the Job Openings section. Inshallah it should work out.

If you are representing a company that has a job opening: -

1. You can email me (hasin at with the full details of the job and the qualities of the ideal candidate.

2. We will post this information in this section as a job opening. We shall exclude the name of the company and any contact information.

3. Should anyone wish to apply for any opening, they shall email me (hasin at with the subject of the email referring to the job opening one is applying for (eg: Application for Job Opening #001)

4. We shall send eligible candidates to the respective companies for interview and negotiations.

5. There are no charges for this service. However, should a company who has found an employee via Ask want to contribute funds towards running of Ask and development of the 'Job Openings' section, they are most welcome to contribute. We are encouraging donations from companies benefiting from this service.

6. A typical post in the Job Openings section would have the following fields: - (hence employers need to send this info together with their own contact info)

Position Summary:
Essential Skills:
Value-Added skills:
Qualifications (if any needed)
Industry type:(eg: Communications, Manufacturing, Trading etc)
Employment type: (Full Time, Part Time, Temporary)

Ideal candidate should be/have:

Any other Information:

7. If you are a job seeker and wish to apply for a job opening, refer to #3. There is no charge for this service.

Questions, queries and suggestions are welcome.

Postby Guest » 19 Jun 2005, 13:56

s/a ..these job openings are only for peaple leavin in Tanzania or what ?
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Postby abuali » 26 Jun 2005, 23:52

Alaykum Salaam

So far all the job openings posted are in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

However, there is no such limitations. Companies from abroad are welcome to send us their vacancies and we shall post them here.
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Re: Read First before using 'Job Openings' service on Ask

Postby Zaheer » 03 Feb 2009, 10:13

salaams Hasin, i have the following vacancy if you could post it
i would prefer a Boy/Man

Zaheer Abbsa

Position Summary: Sales
Essential Skills: computer IT knowledge,mobile phone knowledge
Value-Added skills: -
Qualifications Form 4-6 leaver
Industry type:Mobile Phones, Computers and accessories
Employment type: Full Time 9am-5pm
Location: Mlimani City
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