Child abuse

Is there any injustice taking place around the world? Iraq ring a bell? if so, how much injustice? Any war crimes? Who is to blame? What can we, the youths do about it? This is the place to dissect the truth, and rant on about politics.
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Child abuse

Postby ummekulsum » 15 Nov 2011, 21:09

Peace be upon you
just a simple question.what step would you take if
you learn about child abuse?
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Re: Child abuse

Postby sadika » 26 Nov 2011, 21:11

I guess on many thngs

is it being done by parents or others like teachers?

in tz or other country
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Re: Child abuse

Postby abuali » 07 Dec 2011, 13:17

Abuse needs to be taken seriously.

I would approach both the person doing the abuse and the parents of the child immediately

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