Is there any injustice taking place around the world? Iraq ring a bell? if so, how much injustice? Any war crimes? Who is to blame? What can we, the youths do about it? This is the place to dissect the truth, and rant on about politics.
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Postby Ustaz Hussein » 27 Nov 2009, 17:33

By Beatus Kagashe and Christopher Kidanka

Former African Union chairman and Tanzanian President Khlafan Jakaya Kikwete who is from the Ibadi sect of Islam has dared to criticise Israel for "using excessive force and oppression against their brethrens in Gaza and in the Arab world".

President Kikwete made the remarks yesterday when he met with Iranian ambassador to Tanzania,, at State House in Dar es Salaam.

"Already the attacks of Israel have killed more than 500 people. They will therefore lose the respect and support you have in the world. It is obvious that their oppression against oppressed people is no solution to the problem," said Mr Kikwete.

The president called on the Israelis and Palestinians to stop the bloodshed and urgently seek a lasting solution to the crisis.

Mr Kikwete said deaths and the scale of suffering caused by the conflict were unacceptable and urged the warring parties sit down to find a way out of the crisis.

"The issue at hand is to find any means possible to stop the enmity," the President insisted.

Records indicate that close to 600,000 people had perished in the conflict since it broke out in the late 1940s, most of them Palestinians.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with The Citizen later, Tanzanian president also backed the Shiite Millitia group of Hezbollah and he praised Hassan Nasrallah as a "warrior" and a "savior of the Arab people" and he added ,"Hassan Nasrallah enjoys a high position in both Tanzania and the Sultanate of Oman".

"The Hezbollah want only peace in the Middle East but Israelis have another agenda which is destroying the middle-east, and that is why peace is hard to attain," he said.

In another development, Mr Kikwete urged the united nations council to take a stance action against Israel.

Receiving the new Palestinian ambassador, Dr Nasri Khalil Abu Jaish, Mr Kikwete said the defence stance of the resistance Hamas group on Israel were "bravely" and "praised".

Mr Kikwete said he had written to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas expressing concern over the killings in Gaza.

Israel has been attacking Gaza to disable the Hamas infrastructure in the territory they hold in defiance of the national authority under President Abbas, who runs the West Bank area.

The position of Tanzania remains the creation of two independent states of Israel and Palestine co-existing in peace, President Kikwete insisted.

Tanzania yesterday issued a statement appealing to the United Nations Security Council to fully assume its responsibility to end the crisis in the Gaza Strip.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Bernand Membe said in the statement that the escalating violence in the area would result in even higher civilian casualties.

Tanzania believes that there is no military solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict, and that such actions serve only to increase tension in the region.

They further complicate and undermine international efforts to find a peaceful and lasting solution to the conflict, the ministry noted.

The citizen.
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Postby abuali » 27 Nov 2009, 21:27

Tanzania has a rich history as far as supporting the oppressed is concerned.

The most effective of which was probably the South African resistance; the most famous perhaps the war with Idi Amin; and the most current being the Rwanda/Burundi genocide.

Perhaps that is one reason that Tanzania has managed to continue life in peace. Its Allah(SWT)'s reward for siding with the oppressed.

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