Feature article: The true face of Muslim martyrdom.

Is there any injustice taking place around the world? Iraq ring a bell? if so, how much injustice? Any war crimes? Who is to blame? What can we, the youths do about it? This is the place to dissect the truth, and rant on about politics.
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Feature article: The true face of Muslim martyrdom.

Postby Yas » 19 Nov 2005, 20:15

Use this thread to discuss this featured article which you can read on Ask's front page. Personally I found it very touching.
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Postby imz » 04 Dec 2005, 03:44

its such a touching message to the world,
why is media speculatin soo much about the violence, the hatred against communities and not trying to bring peace to the world. im sure if they all have this aim, all these problems would be eliminated somehow. The image that comes up from that article is one that we should really follow as it said in one of the paragraphs...

... I thought to myself, isn’t this the kind of world we are fighting for — a world where an Imam teaches a Rabbi words from the Holy Koran to comfort a young Muslim boy, and that rabbi himself is comforted by a Christian, a Catholic priest..

As per my view, i definetly believe that at a middle and lower levels of the communities we do strive, work and help eachother in any way we can regardless of race, religion or any other differences. Its just that at a higher level and/or may be due to some other "personal" benefits that some of us are being brainwashed and forced to have that "hatred" mentality against some people, race or community.

Agreed, its not easy to take that into action and bring peace to the world in a fortnight but hey, if we spread this message to as many people as we can who knows what the outcome would be one day, one day that we are longing for, one day that keeps us waiting, one day that our ears would be filled with happiness and joy, one day when hatred and violence would be wiped off the earth, one day when all of us would unite and join forces,that one day would certainly come our way.

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