[This weeks poll] - the new Iraqi constitution.

Is there any injustice taking place around the world? Iraq ring a bell? if so, how much injustice? Any war crimes? Who is to blame? What can we, the youths do about it? This is the place to dissect the truth, and rant on about politics.
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[This weeks poll] - the new Iraqi constitution.

Postby Yas » 17 Oct 2005, 03:24

The iraqi public has cast its vote for the new constitution. What do you think of the new constitution? Will it work? Will it split Iraq into a federal republic brimming with tension and on the brink of civil war and secterian hatred and violence? Or is it truly a step forward. This topic is dedicated to this week's Ask poll, on the new Iraqi constitution.

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Postby qarrar » 31 Dec 2005, 22:33

Doesn’t the new Iraqi Constitution already contain provisions to make Iraq into a Federal Republic even after much Sunni opposition to the idea :?: :roll:
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