Google launches Gmail for mobile devices

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Google launches Gmail for mobile devices

Postby Syed Kazim » 03 Nov 2006, 21:39

Google has launched a Java application that allows Gmail users to access their messages from a mobile phone or PDA.

Users can currently access Gmail messages through mobile browsers or built-in email clients, but the new Gmail for Mobile claims to offer a better user experience.

The software allows users to search for messages, requires fewer clicks to navigate and promises faster access by pre-fetching messages. Attachments are resized to fit the device's screen.

"We realise the role mobile phones play as a key driver for balancing online and offline worlds," said Deep Nishar, director of product management at Google.

"We are committed to developing products that help people stay connected when away from their computers. Gmail for Mobile delivers on that commitment."

Users can download the free application directly to their mobile device from the Gmail for Mobile webpage. The software requires users to provide their own wireless data connection.

Tom Sanders in California, 03 Nov 2006

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