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Google Earth

Postby Muhammad » 10 Nov 2005, 22:28

this thing is like fantatic n WOW! :o
there is this google earth which use satellite n u can literally go to any place in the world...n find out anyfin frm pizza places to shoppin malls!! :D

one can download this frm in the area of may find this after scrolling down...

hope its educative....n
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Muhammad Mahdi
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Postby Muhammad Mahdi » 11 Nov 2005, 13:54

I have it
It shows rails,hotels,
pizza places
,much more too.

There is a free onw and one for $400 (if i remember correctly)
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Postby Yas » 11 Nov 2005, 22:53

Ooh yeah.. its all about Google Earth. Amazing. :D
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