Videos About Imam Ali (AS)

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Videos About Imam Ali (AS)

Postby » 11 Jan 2007, 06:27

Videos About Imam Ali (AS)

AlMujtaba Islamic Network would like to present its videos about Ameer Al- Momineen Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (AS).

To view AlMujtaba Channel on YouTube, please click on the link below:

The Videos:

Lecture on Imam Ali (AS) - Shaikh Hussain Al-Faqih

Tawasheeh On Imam Ali (AS) - Shaikh Abdul Hamid Al- Ghumgham

Mawaleed on Imam Ali (AS) - Abbas Al-Kufi

Ali Aali - Bassim Al-Karbalaei

Nadi Ali - Bassim Al-Karbalaei

Poem on Imam Ali (AS) - Abu Hassan Keewan

Poem on Imam Ali (AS) - Hussain Al-Amiri

Haidar Haidar Ya Ali Ya Ali - Jaleel Al-Karbalaei .com/watch?v=Xt5JFoINv8U

Qad Ukmila Al-Deen Youmal Ghadeer - Jaleel Al-Karbalaei

The House of Imam Ali (AS)

Please don't forget us from your duas
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