Abather al-Halwachi - Lan Tamoot

Dedicated to the Imams and Ahl-al-bayt (AS), describing their sufferings and hardships. Oh Hussain(AS), my oppressed Imam, may the curse of Allah be on the oppressors.
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Abather al-Halwachi - Lan Tamoot

Postby imz » 02 Dec 2011, 02:32

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

عظم الله أجورنا و أجوركم بمصابنا بأبي عبد الله الحسين (ع

May Allah make great our reward and your reward, for our grief on Husayn (as)

Abather al-Halwachi's album for this Muharram 1433, (( Lan Tamoot - Will Not Die )), is now here and ready for download. It's a beautiful album about how the legacy of Imam Husayn (as) will not die in our hearts insha'Allah.

Artist: Abather al-Halwachi (ft. Saleh ad-Dirazy)
Album: Lan Tamoot
Year: Muharram 1433, November 2011
Language: Arabic

01 Intro

02 Lan Tamoot **
http://www.shiabloc.com/media/Lan_Tamoo ... Tamoot.mp3

03 Tifl Husayn Dhami
http://www.shiabloc.com/media/Lan_Tamoo ... 0Dhami.mp3

04 Sakin Adh Dhamayir
http://www.shiabloc.com/media/Lan_Tamoo ... amayir.mp3

05 Saba'il Qantara
http://www.shiabloc.com/media/Lan_Tamoo ... antara.mp3

06 Kullu Ardhin Karbala
http://www.shiabloc.com/media/Lan_Tamoo ... arbala.mp3

07 Munajat al Quloob **
http://www.shiabloc.com/media/Lan_Tamoo ... Quloob.mp3

Alternate Link

** - Editors Pick

Please spread the word, and join our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/groups/shiabloc.

With Salaams and Du'aaa,
-ShiaBloc Team
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Re: Abather al-Halwachi - Lan Tamoot

Postby abuali » 25 Dec 2011, 16:36

Thanks brother for the download links.

I have not yet had the chance to download and listen, but I am told that some of these may contain background music.

Is that true?

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