Silmun Liman Saalamakum

Dedicated to the Imams and Ahl-al-bayt (AS), describing their sufferings and hardships. Oh Hussain(AS), my oppressed Imam, may the curse of Allah be on the oppressors.

Silmun Liman Saalamakum

Postby Tanveer » 22 Jan 2008, 19:21

Nawha recited by Abbas Bandali .... video clip on youtube...
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Re: Silmun Liman Saalamakum

Postby abuali » 23 Jan 2008, 00:20

An excellent video. Please do watch it
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Re: Silmun Liman Saalamakum

Postby Zahra.. » 26 Jan 2008, 01:58

Indeed, it's amazing video! It feels so good to see muslims all around the world commemorate the martydom of our beloved Imam Hussein (a.s)
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