Qadr in Qur’an By Sheikh Murtaza Alidina

The Holy Month, one of the most sacred in Islam is here again. This is the place to discuss and post facts and everything else about fasting and Ramadhan.
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Qadr in Qur’an By Sheikh Murtaza Alidina

Postby abuali » 29 Jul 2013, 14:57


I received the following as an email forward.

The notes are very useful in preparing oneself for the Laylatul Qadr

Do not forget me in your prayers please.
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Re: Qadr in Qur’an By Sheikh Murtaza Alidina

Postby abuali » 29 Jul 2013, 14:59

Qadr in Qur’an
By Sheikh Murtaza Alidina (Holy Ramadhan 1431 a.h)

    • The value of this grand night is because of the revelation of the Holy Qur’an as per Sura e Qadr.
    • 59:21- if the Qura’an would have been revealed on the mountain, would it humble? No, it would crumble!
    • 55:1 Allah says He, the Rahmaan, taught the Qur’an, then created men (against His adalah to send men first w/o guidance; hence the sequence of the ayat).
    • But then since all these years we have been reciting the Qur’an, how come our hearts have not crumbled?
    • It is because the hearts have hardened and so this shows hardened hearts are harder than mountains!!
    • So then how is the maximum to be gained when the hearts are in this state?
    • Therefore, very important to reflect on the Qur’an in this grand night (afdhalu min ibaadatis sanatayn).
    • If the Holy Month is the heart of the whole year, then the heart of Ramadhan is Laylatul Qadr since the whole month is blessed (6th Imam), this night is more blessed.
    • In this night the maximum are forgiven (8th Imam), therefore, to make the most of it.
    • It is hard to fathom the grandeur; in simple words Qur’an says, ‘a night better than a thousand months’- that is one moment only which can change you.
    • Thus a life-time opportunity.
    • Sura mu’minun, says people in Barzakh will be asking Him to send them back so they can do good; and here is the chance; men can become good in this time-less capacity which is an opportunity, for a life time transformation.
    • Qur’an gives examples; Taha: 70 onwards; the magicians who saw the truth, accepted the truth and bowed to it i.e life-time transformation, because after that no threat of Firown could shake their faith now! Even the hardest of punishment which was cutting off a leg and an arm of the opposite side! They were ready to be cut in pieces for the sake of Allah s.w.t (...rabbi Musa wa Haarun!)
    • A man comes to the Holy Prophet saying, “teach me Qur’an as I’ve heard it changes life!” That which took 23years to be revealed could not be taught in a few hours, but the words are Holy, the teacher is Holy; a change is bound to happen. The Prophet teaches some ayat but that which changed him was WAMAN YA’MAL MTHQALA ZARRATIN KHAYRANY YARA, WAMAN YA’AMAL MITHQALA ZARRATIN SHARRANY YARA! He said, “if My Lord is going to a/c even an atom.....!!!”
    • Now, how to soften the hearts in this night?
    • Begin with salah and istghfaar. In fact, it should have begun from Rajab, when you were given the opportunity to ask for abundance of forgiveness (riwayah says, in Rajab mercy pours so just bathe in it!) and then Shabaan was also another month of preparation, so by the time this night comes you are almost forgiven.
    • But no problem, there is still time; begin with salah and istighfaar, do the amal where you place the Holy Book on your head; meaning, all activities must pivot around the Qur’an in this night.
    • In fact, all your daily activities should pivot around it and you will never go wrong.
    • But then, it’s not only the written book/silent Qur’an; but also the talking Qur’an is the pivot ( remember the names you take when you place the Qur’an on you head?)
    • Sura e qadr talks about both; the silent Qur’an’s revelations and the angels coming down to the talking Quran which is the living Imam, who himself is longing to be with one more talking Qur’an (the 3rd Imam); in fact al the 124,000 Prophets are flocking in his shrine!
    • Therefore, the recitation of the ziyarah of Imam Husein a.s.
~ Conclusion:
it is night not to be missed. A life-time opportunity to change into a better person since QADR is qadr/power. If it can change the otherwise ordinary night to a NIGHT BETTER THAN THOUSAND MONTHS (average life age is 51 to 55 years at the moment and 1000 months is roughly 80 years), isn’t it but logic to make the maximum use of it? Sheikh further stressed on more reflection on the Qur’an in this night since it is the night of it’s revelation (don’t we give the birthday boy/girl more importance on his/her birthday than the rest of the kids?)

Mohtajud dua!!

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