The Holy Month, one of the most sacred in Islam is here again. This is the place to discuss and post facts and everything else about fasting and Ramadhan.
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Postby Reyhana » 14 Aug 2012, 19:07

With the Holy month of Ramadhan coming to an end,most of us would have completed at least one complete recitation of The Holy Quran. Read on:

Ali bin Mugheera asked Imam Jafar e Sadiq (a.s.), “ My father asked your ancestor, the Prophet of Islam (a.s.) about completing a recitation of the Quran in one night.. The Prophet said (a.s.), ‘ Yes! It can be done!’ “ Then Ibne Mugheera said,” My father used to complete forty recitations of the Quran or even more during the month of Ramandan.. I follow the same practice and on Idd al Fitr I complete one recitation to felcitate Holy Prophet (a.s.), one for Hazrat Ali (a.s.), one for Hazrat fatima Zehra (a.s.) and one each as tribute to each of the Holy Imams (a.s).
This is my practice from the beginning and what Reward I could get for this? Will it be entered in the account of my deeds?”

The Imam (a.s.) said, “ Because of this practice Allah will treat you with these Infallible persons on the Day of Judgement” Ibne Jaseem was astonished and said, “ Is there so much reward for an insignificant person like me?”
The Imam (a.s.) said thrice, “ Balay, balay, balay ( Yes, yes, yes)!”

Based on this hadith it is mentioned that whoever after completing recitation of whole Quran gifts its reward/sawaab to any one of the masomeen will find himself/herself in his/her company on the day of judgement.

Amazing isn’t it? What more should the lovers of 14 masoomeens desire?

One may ask, why should we gift the sawaab to them ,are they in any need of our sawaab/gift???

Answer: Why do you send salwaat on them, isn’t salwaat itself a doa? In the salwaat aren’t you asking Almighty to send blessings/mercy on them? Why are you doing so? Are they in any need of your salwaat?

They have the highest position and degree with Allah,and no one can surpass their great position ,so why, one may ask?
Well, remember ,Allah’s blessings have no end or any limit , hence they can be increased more and more and more , hence our prayers for them are sign of our love for them in which we are asking for more and more increase in their blessings.

Finally the main benefit is ours, lets take example of the above hadith ,as we know our acts of worship are not perfect at all , infact they are accompanied by lots of errors/faults, aren’t 100 %sincere,aren’t 100% pure e.t.c, so when they rise up to the heavens they have to pass check points before they can go further, BUT just because we have gifted the sawaab/reward of that particular act of worship to our present Imam(or any other masoomeen), the angels at the check points have no other option but to deliver them to the named masoomeen, hence automatically our incomplete/imperfect/unworthy deed is accepted and we get the benefit mentioned for it.

Same goes for those who often ask why should we recite dua of safety for Imam e Zamana or any other supplication for his safety/early reappearance/take out charity for his safety/gift him the sawaab of our prayers e.t.c.e.t.c.

If we really care for/like/love someone, our actions should be such that are in confirmation with our feelings regarding that particular person, exactly in the same way if we truly love/care for our Imam as we claim to do so, then naturally we would do all the above deeds with khulus/sincerity seeking only his pleasure.

Imam is under the greatest care and protection of Almighty Allah. Yes ,surely he is needless of our deeds but this Being a sign of our love for our Imam, HE a.s accepts our humble efforts and prays for us.

It is possible that our supplications are rejected due to our sins, but how can Allah reject the supplications of his Vicegerent (Wali) and His Proof (Hujjat) on the earth?
''The worst sin is that which the commiter takes lightly.''[saying of Imam Ali a.s. quoted in Nahjul Balagha]
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Postby abuali » 16 Aug 2012, 02:53


What a beautiful philosophy.

What a Merciful Lord He (SWT) is; what a wretched servant I am.

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