Moonsighting / Hilal: Celebrating multiple eids

The Holy Month, one of the most sacred in Islam is here again. This is the place to discuss and post facts and everything else about fasting and Ramadhan.

What do you think of multiple eid days?

we should have one eid day for all Muslims
as long as the rules were followed, nothing wrong
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Moonsighting / Hilal: Celebrating multiple eids

Postby abuali » 11 Sep 2011, 19:22


Eid al fitr was celebrated on three consecutive days by muslims in the UK this year (2011). The earliest being on Tuesday (30 Aug), Wednesday and Thursday.

This event brought to the forefront yet-again the often debated issue of moon-sighting and the different rulings of different Ulema that apply on their respective muqallids (followers).

Questions such as:

1. How can people living in the same house celebrate eid on days that are two days apart?
2. What about unity?
3. Sharing of the night or sharing of the horizon to determine 1st of the lunar month?

As a twist, Saudi governments owed up to declaring Eid on the wrong day!

I feel its high time we discuss in some detail as to the rulings that govern the sighting (al-Khui and al-Sistani's fatwas atleast) and then examine on the sighting events that lead to the declaration of eid on three different days in UK.

Alhamdulilah, we had one Eid in Dar es Salaam and completed 30 days of fasting.
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Re: Moonsighting / Hilal: Celebrating multiple eids

Postby Fatimah Zahra Karim » 18 Sep 2011, 14:39

I hear Shaitan was more confused than the rest of us...he didn't know his release date :P
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