Du'a of a Fasting Person

The Holy Month, one of the most sacred in Islam is here again. This is the place to discuss and post facts and everything else about fasting and Ramadhan.
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Du'a of a Fasting Person

Postby Muhammad Mahdi » 06 Oct 2007, 12:04

Du'a of a Fasting Person
Once Hazrat Moosa (AS) asked Allah Taala: O Allah! you have granted me the honour and privilege of talking to you directly, Have you given this
Privilege to any other person?

Allah Taala replied, O Moosa during the last period I am going to send a Nation, who will be the nation of Mohammed (SAW) with dry lips, parched tongues, emaciated body with eyes sunken deep into their sockets, with livers dry and stomachs suffering the pangs of hunger- will call out to me (In Dua) they will be much much closer to me than you

O Moosa! while you speak to me there are 70000 veils between you and me but at the time of iftaar there will not be a single veil between me and the fasting nation of Mohammed (SAW) O moosa I have taken upon myself the responsibility that at the time of iftaar I will never refuse the Dua of a fasting person!
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Re: Du'a of a Fasting Person

Postby Umm.aly » 09 Sep 2008, 16:53

Subhanallah! Its so humbling to knw the status that He gives us! May we get the tawfiq to take utmost advantage of this Holy month that we have been blessed with once again this year. One week of this blessed month is already gone!
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Re: Du'a of a Fasting Person

Postby abuali » 12 Sep 2008, 00:48

Approximately 20 more iftaar times that are left before the holy month leaves us...

Iltemase dua

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