Sheesha in the Holy month of Ramadhan

The Holy Month, one of the most sacred in Islam is here again. This is the place to discuss and post facts and everything else about fasting and Ramadhan.
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Sheesha in the Holy month of Ramadhan

Postby Muntazir » 23 Oct 2006, 15:49

As Salaamun Aleykum

Isn’t smoking Sheesha so fun in the Holy month of Ramadhan when we hang-out with our friends, and pass-time talking about latest mobile phones, cars, new clothes, etc. etc?

Ramadhan - This is the only Holy month Allah, the Almighty has said to be His chosen month. It is in this month The Holy Qur’an was revealed to the messenger of God, Prophet Muhammad (May peace and blessings be upon him and his family). This month is known to be the most sacred, and all Muslims around the world unite in the dark hours and praise to the Creator of all existence.

In the late hours of the non-existence of the daylight; the glittering stars and the worshipping of the invisible creatures of the earth and the heavens, we humans be captive to something other than the remembrance of his eternal magnificence. We enjoin ourselves to participate on worldly interests, one of them being Sheesha. Let us see how Allah, the most exalted has warned us to indulge in these ill-behavior, and what their consequences would be. (Mainly on Sheesha)

Sheesha smoking and tobacco are even worse during Ramadan because the body is fasting and at rest. When you smoke you are directly hitting the body with over 4,000 identified harmful substances. When these substances hit the body, it can cause heart attacks by constricting coronary arteries.

The effects of sheesha smoking are more profound because the doses are higher. It can cause heart attacks, chest pain and an irregular pulse. Many decisions, including life-and-death ones, were made during a hookah experience.

Better to keep it away from now!

as-Salaamu 'aleykum warahmatullah

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