The Holy Month, one of the most sacred in Islam is here again. This is the place to discuss and post facts and everything else about fasting and Ramadhan.
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Postby Reyhana » 18 Jun 2014, 22:06

The following is an excerpt from ''food for thought program'', presented here for serving as a reminder to all believers.

We are being approached by the holiest of all months i.e the month of Ramadhan. Such a blessed month it is, that each of its seconds and minutes are the best compared to all other months.
Though this precious month is a special gift to us from none other than Almighty Allah , BUT we are fastly loosing the supreme blessings associated with it, as the whole month passes by but we do not observe any positive progress in our spiritual state.

The answer lies in the undeniable fact that this holy month is being sacrificed by most of us for the sake of our worldly pleasures!

Our Holy prophet and Aimmah used to increase their each and every act of worship in this holy month and what do we, ''their followers/lovers '', increase in???''

We transform month of FASTING into month of FEASTING.....SPORTS PROGRAMS AND FESTIVALS are in full swing during this holy month....FUNTIME MELAS and SHOPPING are on full peak.......IDLING AWAY ONES TIME with friends or in public places like restaurants till the wee hours of the night becomes the norm .......and so on....and the OUTCOME of these amusements?
They drain us off our physical and mental energies and our acts of worship just remain ritual and empty, performed with reluctance and without any fervour hence devoid of any spiritual benefit.

Alas, We have so many months for all these types of entertainments ....Cant we keep this holy month free from them and concentrate on spiritual awakening instead?

Its a pity that those of us who reside at places where these types of entertaining programs do not take place during this holy month, crave for those places where they take place.....THIS IS THE CONCEPT OF MAHE RAMADHAN IN OUR MINDS...ITS VERY SAD INDEED.

We should NOT be among the ones who waste this precious opportunity and return empty handed ,we should BE among the ones who invest in it and emerge spiritually stronger ......so that when the month ends we can be at peace with ourselves.....our consciences can rest assured that we did to our best capability partake from the table spread of Almighty Allah... from the dastarkhwaan of mercy, blessings, forgiveness and freedom from the fire of hell..........with that thought Assalam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh
''The worst sin is that which the commiter takes lightly.''[saying of Imam Ali a.s. quoted in Nahjul Balagha]

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