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Postby Moonbeam » 10 Dec 2015, 21:45


Condolences to the Muslim Ummah on the Death Anniversary of our beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

The first person ever to have faced ISLAMPHOBIA was the Holy Prophet (SAW). When he was initially spreading the message of one God in Mecca, he faced a lot of criticism, hostility, torture and torment even. We hear of episodes whereby he comes home injured, to be nursed by his dear daughter Fatimah (A.S) (thus her title Ummu Abiha; Mother of her Father). We hear of the time when a lady used to continuously throw rubbish on him every time he passed her house. We hear of how he was called a madman and a magician. However, through all this, he never lost his akhlaq (good morals). He always treated the hostile party politely, with a smile, and good behavior. Or even walk away silently. He never cursed anyone. Or replied back rudely. Or hit back. That was not the message of Islam.

The message of Islam was peace. Salaam – peace.

In these trying times, we as Muslims need to follow his fine example. Yes it is hard being at the end of an unfair verbal assault. Especially when you have done nothing to deserve it. But, keep in mind that only those who are unaware and ignorant about Islam and Muslims are mainly reacting negatively to you. Most of those who are educated and aware of what a true Muslim is will always sympathize with you.

So really, this is the chance we have to correct peoples’ centuries’ old misconception about Islam. By behaving back nicely, you are actually going against the impression and conviction that they have formed of Muslims and Islam. And by reacting back rudely, you are just proving them right.

If someone refuses your help just because you are a Muslim, help them anyways. Someone suddenly starts abusing you in public, offer them candy and a smile and wish them a better day. Try carrying around leaflets with short simple notes on what is Islam. Let us try and educate those who don’t know us so we actually help spread the message of peace and follow the footsteps of The Greatest Mercy to Mankind – Muhammad (SAW).

Islam’s reputation is in the hands of Muslims. Currently, its image is being tarnished by the complete opposite of what Islam believes in – Violence. Islam is a message of Peace. It is up to us, our behavior and reaction, on how the world will understand Islam.
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Postby abuali » 07 Feb 2016, 23:57

Jazakallah for this short but very important piece.

Very thought provoking.

How someone acts is not in our control, but how we react definitely is.

It would be great if members can share real life situations they may have faced and how they reacted.

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