How to Spread the Message of Imam Hussain

The sad first month of the Islamic calendar during which the family of the Holy Prophet were faced with a great ordeal and tragedy.
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How to Spread the Message of Imam Hussain

Postby Hussaini » 14 Jan 2005, 09:50

Ok, as every year, this year too we shall mourn the martydom and take out the juloos in showing to the world the real cause of Imam hussain.

Every year our community organisies the juloos, we spend money in doing tabligh on the cause of Imam hussain's martydom, we publish articles on newspapers, radio and for the past two years, we have been advertsing the folowing web site on newsppapers and send out mass e-mail :

My question to you all is , how more can we publicise (or do tabligh) on Imam Hussain. Your ideas and suggestions are most welcome..
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How to spread the message of Imam Hussein

Postby Aliyah » 29 Jan 2005, 21:18


Well.... website is not enough to spread this message. We need media the most powerful tool in this modern socold era, imean our own channel operated globally. Offcourse we have tabligh channel but it is limited to our region only.

May Allah bless u

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Postby abuali » 01 Feb 2005, 00:51


Hussaini...The same question has been resonnating in my mind for quite some time.

My opinion is, quality is better than quantity

Let me elaborate.

I think its wonderful that articles are published in newspapers and pamphletes are distributed, and narrations on the radio. At worst, atleast we are sure someone must have heard it or read it and thought about it for some time.

However, I am opposed to the idea that this should take place during the month of Muharram only.

The tabligh of Imam Hussain (AS) should be in our souls. Our words should be full of it when our tongues dare speak; Our limbs should define their plight whenever they dare move; our eyes should visualize the plains of kerbala whenever they dare see; Our ears should hear the crying babies whenever they are listening.

There is no better way to spread the word other than by action and akhlaq. If we establish in ourselves all the qualities and virtues that Kerbala stood for, it wouldnt be so hard.

The best way to spread the word, would be by concentrating ona few people. Maybe just one person...but to spend quality time on him/her. If everyone would take the task to spreading the word to just one person...we would have the word spreading in multiples in no time....and with QUALITY.

See my post about some tabligh plans during juloos by clicking below ... =1231#1231
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Actions speek louder than words!!

Postby knowledgeseeker » 03 Mar 2007, 15:31

salaam alaykum..
Alhamdulillah, you have been thinking highly to spread the religion of Allah[swt] and to do tabligh. How ever, i must say that doing juloos,emails and articles in the newspaper are a good form of tabligh. but as you said not enough!!
The best way to do tabligh is to practice Islam ourselves and become true shias!!!

As remember, Actions speek louder than words!!

How can you preach if you urself are not practicing.. Thats where we go wrong. e think Islam is about going to the madrasah and mosq, doing 'waah waah' to the lectures and then leaving the place in the same way as we came in... n we carry of doing geebah, lying n listening to music!!
How many of Us actually follow Imam Husssein [as]?? How many of us are courteous?? How many of us are gentle with the people working in our homes and offices??
first, Light your own house and then try to light others' houses!!! In our community, Brothers fight brothers, and for what?? MOney!!! Women !! pathetic..

Its good to do tabligh but the best way is to become a ture shia of Imam first as charity begins at home.
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