Prophet Solomon Tablet, carved with Ahlul Bayt names, 1913

The sad first month of the Islamic calendar during which the family of the Holy Prophet were faced with a great ordeal and tragedy.
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Prophet Solomon Tablet, carved with Ahlul Bayt names, 1913

Postby hasanrizvi » 17 Apr 2008, 15:46

Prophet Solomon Tablet, carved with Ahlul Bayt names, found in 1916

By: Nabil Raza
LONDON, United Kingdom: During first world war in 1916, a unit of English army found a tablet made of silver in a small village called Ontara that is situated at a distance of few kilometers from Jerusalem city.

They came across the Tablet while they were digging ditches.

Tablet’s outlines were bedecked with fine precious stones while the words written inside it were of gold.

When the unit members took this tablet to their head Maj. Krendel, he tried to understand something inscribed on it but failed save this that the text is in some old language.

Later, this tablet reached to British army chief LiftonanD Gladstone who passed it to specialized scholars and experts. After the war ended in 1918, a committee comprised of professors of archeology and experts of old languages belonging to Britain, United States, France, Germany and other European States was set up.

It researched for months and at last was able to translate the text inscribed on the tablet. It declared results on 3/1/1920.

The information indicated that this tablet was “TABLET OF PROPHET SOLOMON”. The written text was:

الله Allah
أحمد آيلي Ahmed Ayli
باهتول Bahtol
حاسن حاسين Haasan Haasain
ياه أحمد ! مقذا = اي!يا أحمد أغثني O Ahmed Help Me
ياه ايلي ! انصطاه = اي يا علي ! اعني O Ayli assist me
ياه باهتول ! كاشئ = اي يا بتول ! برعايتك O Bahtol show mercy on me
ياه حاسن ! ضومظع = اي يا حسن ! بكرمك O Haasan do favor on me
ياه حاسين ! بارفو = اي يا حسين ! أحسن O Haasain do good to me
امو سليمان صوه عئخب زالهلاد اقتا اي = اي هذا سليمان يستغيث بالخمسة العظماء(الاولياء) this Solomon desires help through five grand saints
بذات الله كم ايلي = اي على قدرة الله

It was decided to place this tablet in British royal museum but the Lord Bishop asked to put it in the secret trust of British church saying that putting this tablet in the museum and presenting it to all people will surely shake the foundation of Christianity.

It is worth-noting that two of the archeology experts William and Thomas converted to Islam. Their names in Islam were Karam Hussain and Fadhal Hussain respectively.

To know more about this topic, following sources may be contacted:

Wonderful stories of Islam, published in London page 249
Magazine Al-Islam, published in Delhi 1927
Magazine Muslim Cronical published in London 1926
Ali and Prophets, translated to Persian and Arabic from Urdu, author Hakim Sialkoti
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Re: Prophet Solomon Tablet, carved with Ahlul Bayt names, 1913

Postby abuali » 17 Apr 2008, 17:13


May the peace and mercy of Allah be on the masumeen

reminds me of an answer of Imam Ali (AS) to a sahabi who insisted on asking him who is better you or one of the prophets prior to Prophet Muhammad. If anyone has the text of the above q&a please post it here

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