Political activism for women

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Should women be politically active in society?

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Political activism for women

Postby abuali » 17 Aug 2011, 07:14


Over the last several years I have heard of the idea that its acceptable and/or recommended for women to take an active part in political activities and/or social/economic activities of the society.

The idea is supported by the narrations of Bibi Fatema (as)'s activism in the issue of defending Imam Ali (as) and Fadak as well as Bibi Zainab (as)'s khutba in Shaam.

I think this topic is worth a discussion in the above context as well as the context of the current society we live in.

What do you think? Should a woman take an active role in the above areas of society?

(I am not talking about the roles in women-only bodies like the ladies managing committee etc, but roles that involve na-mahram men as well)

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