Africa Federation - Do you have any say in the running of AFED?

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Africa Federation - Do you have any say in the running of AFED?

Postby abuali » 11 Apr 2016, 17:43


The KSI Jamat of Dar es Salaam is a member of Africa Federation (

Africa Federation has various running projects ranging from Tabligh, Student Loans to Commercial warehousing.

Africa Federation is funded mostly by khums, donations and income from wakf investments.

A good amount of funds are raised, invested and spent under the auspices of the Africa Federation. For example:

1. Khums collection via all constituent Jamats are channeled via the AFED
2. Proceeds from the Sale of Bilal Properties in Tanzania
3. Proceeds from the sale of properties belonging to Tanganyika Education Council (TEC) which were reinvested in another property
4. Various donations and wakf

I have been elected a Delegate to the AFED conference (on behalf of Dar es Salaam Jamaat) which will take place end of April 2016.

My duty as a delegate is to represent the members of my jamaat and raise issues, opinions, concerns and questions on their behalf.

I therefore invite anyone who is a member of the Dar es Salam Jamaat to feel free to contact me and share with me anything that you wish to raise or receive clarifications for from the AFED leadership. You can also share your concerns, ideas and criticisms and inshallah I shall forward them to the conference of the AFED.

I can be contacted on or via WhatsApp on +255713555055

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