George Bush and Dick Cheney are talking

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George Bush and Dick Cheney are talking

Postby Mazhar » 08 Jun 2007, 21:11

George Bush and Dick Cheney are talking

George Bush and Dick Cheney are talking, when Bush suddenly complains "I hate all the dumb George Bush jokes people tell about me."

Cheney, feeling sorry for his "boss," says "Oh, they're only jokes. There are a lot of truly stupid people out there. Here, I'll prove it to you."

Cheney takes Bush outside and hails a cab.

"Please take me to 29 Nickel Street to see if I'm home," says Cheney. The cab driver, without saying a word, drives them to 29 Nickel Street.

Cheney looks at Bush and says, "See! This guy is really stupid."

George Bush agrees. "He really is a dummy. There was a pay phone just around the corner. You could have called instead."
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Postby manji2005 » 13 Jun 2007, 15:26

:P Now thts realy dumb :P :twisted:
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