Review of novels read

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Review of novels read

Postby Sukaina » 10 Mar 2005, 01:40

Salaams all..

Thanks Muhaddisa for giving me the reply to the Harry Potter books..I'll try to read them if i get my hands on the book..and if u have them please pass them to me..:)..

Some of the books that i read recently were Robert ludlum's The Hades Factor which is i'd say an intriguing novel about a virus which can not be traced and which becomes an epidemic.if i say more then i will tell the whole story but i'd say this..its fine work by the author for sure..

Another one is Steve Martini's Prime Witness which kept me on edge..

At the moment i am reading a novel by Elizabeth George..this novel has so many plots at a time that i wonder how its going to end..Its about the murder of a man on an island who was a mentor to everyone on the island and the charge is on a girl from california who seems to be innocent but there are so many plots that.. i don't know.. :? ..anyways when i am done with the novel i will tell u the story..:)

Muhaddisa between us readers we can open a library with all these novels ..don't u think?..
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Postby Umm.aly » 10 Mar 2005, 21:52

A/s Sukaina..
u r most welcome bout the Harry Potter info.. i have his 5th book The Order of the Phoenix (very nicee).. dnt mind borrowing it to u.. but i wud suggest u read frm the first book.. u will enjoy the series better!

Robert ludlum's The Hades Factor

Hey i have read that book! it soo nice isnt it?? after i read it, i was soo conscious bout wat i touch and washing my hands after that!! lol.. somebody has borrowed this book frm me.. n i forgot who it is! lol!!

This Elizabeth George book sounds interesting! do pass it on!! :D

Muhaddisa between us readers we can open a library with all these novels ..don't u think?..

how right u are! we shud strt an Ask! library! Hasin wat do u say?! :)
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Postby abuali » 10 Mar 2005, 23:45

I am up for it...all we need now is a BIG SPACE to open the library...

So who is going to look for the sponsors??? :)

Hey...I am locking this forum...lets continue this discussion in the other both have the same topic being discussed...

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