Is reading the harry potter books bad?

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Is Reading Harry Potter Books Bad?

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Is reading the harry potter books bad?

Postby keenfarhan » 25 Feb 2007, 17:21

Hey ppl .. hi.. im still on my mission to liven up the boards on here lol .. this is what i have for this section...

I think we all know about the whole debate going on in the community about reading the harry potter books... we are clearly divided between people who think there is no harm in reading them as long as u dont become fanatics lol and those who think that the mere mention of harry potter is bad....

So what do the members of ask think about this issue.. let us know ur views
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Muhammad Mahdi
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Postby Muhammad Mahdi » 25 Feb 2007, 18:27

I dont think it is bad.
Many say it is bad because it contains magic. That is why I had asked a question in the questions section regarding the difference between magic and miracles.

What the maulanas describe as miracles, is done by harry and his friends as magic. So what is wrong about it?
The educated man has the right to manipulate the ignorant, if the ignorance of the of the ignorant is due to his own ignorance.
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Postby abuali » 26 Feb 2007, 00:18


the difference I believe lies in what is referred to as the source of the miracle or magic. Allah alone in islam...creatures in harry potter...

I havent read Harry Potter so I cant be of much help with comments here...i doubt there is anything generally wrong in reading it...unless it takes you away from your faith and wajibaat...

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