The Divine Invitation

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The Divine Invitation

Postby Muhammad Mahdi » 15 Oct 2005, 10:19

Written by Shaykh Muhammad Khalfan

The Holy Prophet of Islam has told us that the Month of Ramadhan is one in which we are given the honour of being the invited guests of Allah. This short, yet powerful statement from raises many questions:

What does it mean to be a guest of Allah? What is the nature of the Divine banquet He has prepared for us? How can we be suitable guests to receive His Divine bounties?

This short treatise on the Month of Ramadhan is sure to open up the eyes and hearts of all who read it and wish to better understand what it means to be His Guest and to accept His invitation.

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Postby Aliyah » 16 Oct 2005, 16:17

looks good. I will buy it. thanks for informing


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