[Answered]Ashre Zainabiya

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[Answered]Ashre Zainabiya

Postby learner » 21 Mar 2005, 22:10

salaam alaykum,
i would like to know what is the significance of ashre zainabiya ? how did it start? and what is expected from us the shia??

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Postby Reflection of Perfection » 16 Apr 2005, 21:31

~Crying over a martyr is keeping his mission alive~
The significance of Ashra e Zainaibia is that we keep Imam Husayn's mission alive.
We are expected to go to mosque read about the great personalities and spread their msg
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Re: Ashre Zainabiya

Postby abuali » 08 Apr 2011, 20:29

Answer by Shk. Aliasghar Karmali

Ashre Zainabiya is a name kept by the shias to honour the sacrifices that the holy lady Zainab made. Because the peak of these sacrifices was in prison, they have named mid 10 days of the month of safar in her honour. And thus in these days, we need to learn lessons from the life of this holy lady.

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