To Ask is what makes us human

We all have a question that needs an answer from a scholar. This is the place to post it.
Currently Sheikh Razi is answering questions.

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To Ask is what makes us human

Postby abuali » 19 Oct 2004, 17:52

The most basic of human characteristics is our nature which is inquisitive. We tend to question. Be it a Why, What, Where, When or How.

I am sure all of us have a question, as far as shariah is concerned regarding various issues from fasting to hijab to issues like whether its allowed for a man to wear earings.

This is the place to post the questions. Please indicate with the question which Ulemas Taqleed you are doing, so that the answer can be based on his fatwa.

Please bear with us if there is delay in the answer. We will soon have enough scholars to be able to answer all questions as soon as possible, god willing.

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